1) Can you tell us about your life, your childhood, your family, your adolescence and the moments that have influenced your life and your personality most of all?

This is a long story, one of the important moments that influenced my life is that I decided to study CA only after I talked with my Professor and reading several papers.

2) What education have you received? Why have you chosen this particular area? Have you ever regretted your choice?

I got my Ph.D on CA. The reseason I chose this particular area is that I believe CA has many good impacts for our agriculture. I know CA is difficult, but I never regretted.

3) How have your working life and career developed? What have influenced it most of all?

Since I am one of the most early CA researchers in China, and published more than 200 papers and more than 100 patents on CA machines, I am leading the Center of Conservation tillage of Ministry of Agriculture.

4) What do you think about the current Conservation Agriculture trends in the world?

CA has been many years in the world, and extended to large area, but I think the ratio of CA is still low.

5) Would you advise farmers to adopt CA practices? What major benefits and drawbacks are associated with it?

I often advise farmers to try CA for about 3 years, then to decide whether to keep on CA. For farmers, the major benefit must be Yields and Net income. Not too many Drawbacks , if farmers not know how to control weeds, it might be a problem.

6) What role should the government play to stimulate the farmers to adopt Conservation Agriculture practices?

Government should give financial supports to farmers for about 3-5 years, to make them know CA and know the benefits.

7) How do you see the future of Conservation Agriculture?

CA will be extend to large areas, but CA can not solve all the problems.

8) What would you advise the farmers in Russia?

Know CA, Try CA, understand CA, then make decision.

9) What are your plans for the future in terms of your work and expectations?

I and my team will keep on CA.